Why Every Couple Should Travel Before Marriage

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Publication date28.01.2020

Getting married is extremely exciting – that’s when the rest of your life with the person you love the most begins.

It is also one of the most stressful events of your life. You have to plan the wedding, agree with your partner which pesky family members not to call, arrange the cake and the decorations, set the date… There is so much.

Once the wedding is over, you will settle down and start to discover the good and the not-so-good sides of married life. You might miss all the little adventures your significant other and you went on, or you might regret not travelling with them before.

As good as being married sounds, it is also a great responsibility. You might not have as much time to travel with your sweetheart due to your job and other responsibilities that come with adulthood.

Here’s why you should travel with your significant other before marriage.

You will get to know your partner even better

They say that you don’t quite know the person until you’ve seen them happy and sad, angry and enthusiastic, calm and frustrated. Travelling is a great way to see how your significant other reacts to late buses, forgetting to pack something, or eating something unusual for both of you but normal for the locals (a good example would be sarma, a dish native to the cuisines of the former Ottoman Empire).

It is also a great way to see your partner excited about art and history of the place you’re visiting. As cheesy as it sounds, you can get as much enjoyment from them enjoying themselves as they get while discovering all the new things.

Travelling might also be a test to your relationship but will ultimately strengthen the bond that you already have.

New experiences will bring you closer together

Travelling is always great, but it’s better when you travel with someone, especially if it’s the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. You get to experience numerous new things with someone you deeply care about, and after a long day of adventure you can sit down for a cup of tea and talk about what you liked the most. A good drink in one hand and your sweetheart’s hand in the other along with a beautiful sunset and sharing all the fantastic moments of the day seems like a perfect romantic scenario that is sure to bring you closer.

When you get back to your daily life, you will still be able to talk to your significant other about all the things you’ve experienced while travelling. You’ll reminisce about that one time when that one random person on the street asked you for directions even though you were tourists as well, or you’ll remember all the beautiful sights you saw together.

Enjoy being young before starting a family

Most couples decide to start a family once they get married. If that’s your case as well, then I can assure you that travelling before marriage is a great way to live up a bit and enjoy yourself before spending several years full of sleepless nights because of your crying baby.

Visit local night clubs, try out local alcoholic specialties, do everything your heart desires and your wallet lets you do. The point is, you will probably be overwhelmed with adult responsibilities when you get married, so this is a great time to relax and do what you always wanted to do.

You will become a real team

Travelling takes a lot of time and patience for planning what you will visit and how you’ll manage your time – it’s a good way to see how your partner thinks and how they work under some stress. It also teaches you to work together and make the most out of everything, which will definitely come in handy later on when you get married.

It’s simply fun

Let’s be honest – we all like to do things just because they’re fun, and travelling with our partners is no exception. Plus, humans are social beings, which means that we love to have fun especially with others.

So, pack up your bags and go on a trip with the love of your life before you officially tie the knot!

Publication date22.07.2019